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<span style='color: #800000;'>BR/LMS Tubular Semaphore DISTANT</span>
BR Semaphore Stop Signal O GaugeBR Semaphore Stop Signal O GaugeBR Semaphore Stop Signal O Gauge
BR/LMS Tubular Semaphore DISTANT

Ref: 00058-LMS-Distant

MAKES ONE DISTANT SIGNAL up to 30ft scale size


Manufactured by

Etched Nickel Silver & Brass Kit with all the parts needed to complete the signal except solder, adhesive and paint

Full Instructions - PDF

Price: 17.95

O Gauge Semaphore Signal Kits - INFO

In the pack:
Arm and fittings fret
00062 30Ft Ladder fret
00063 Spun base casting
00064 Lamp bracket
00065 Final (Post Cap)
00065 Signal Lamp
Arm bearing (1.5mm tube)
5/32" and 1/8" Brass tubes - telescopic fit
0.5mm Phosphor bronze - arm stay
0.8mm brass rod - shaft
0.35mm steel control wire
5mm paper discs and Waterslide Transfers for Arms
Cast spectacle lenses and Brass Pins
The kits feature comprehensive instructions, Cast spectacle lenses, waterslide transfers and a one piece ladder. They can be assembled using ordinary cored tin/lead electrical solder and an ordinary soldering iron (40 watt minimum) so long as flux is used and the kit is assembled in the correct order. Epoxy or super glue will need to be used for some small details.
This kit is for adults and is not suitable for children. It kit contains small components and involves soldering, cutting, filing and drilling with sharp tools.


Solder contains lead and other toxic ingredients. Flux is acidic. Both are potentially harmful if not used carefully. After soldering you may need to scrape off excess solder. These particles are potentially harmful. Ensure adequate eye protection and ensure that hands are thoroughly washed after each modelling session. Keep these materials away from food and surfaces use for food. Do not eat or drink when modelling.

Soldering Iron (40 watt minimum)
Ordinary cored solder
Liquid flux (Carrs Yellow label or similar)
Small paintbrush for applying flux
Needle files
Ordinary pliers
Fine nose pliers (Xuron 450S or similar)
Photo etch cutting scissors (Xuron 440 or similar)
Pin chuck or powered mini-drill
Cut-off disc or tube cutter (If shortening post)
Miniature drill bits (0.5mm & 0.8mm)
1.5mm 3.2mm and 4mm ordinary drill bits.
Wet and dry abrasive paper 600 grit or fibreglass burnishing pen
Epoxy or superglue.
Blue tack
Masking tape
Scrap plywood to use as assembly base.
Halfords White Primer
White and black enamel or acrylic paint.


Miniature vice
Carrs Surface conditioner
Carrs Neutralising Solution