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<span style='color: #800000;'>Kadee No. 231 Grease-em</span>Kadee No. 231 Grease-em

Ref: KD231

This fine, dry graphite lubricant is specially selected for use with Kadee Couplers.

Also an excellent general purpose lubricant for use all around the layout to reduce friction in moving parts and bearing surfaces. Add a puff inside your Kadee couplers, move them back-and-forth a few times to burnish and enjoy smooth action of your couplers.

1x 5.5 gram tube

Price: 2.40

<span style='color: #800000;'>Kadee No. 237 Trip pin pliers</span>
Kadee No. 237 Trip pin pliers - view 1Kadee No. 237 Trip pin pliers - view 2
Kadee No. 237 Trip pin pliers

Ref: KD237

Adjust trip pins to the correct height by gently squeezing with these specially designed pliers. Curved jaw surfaces prevent kinking of the trip pins when bending or straightening.

If you use ordinary pliers to adjust trip pins you are likely to kink or distort the trip pin rather than bending it smoothly and further adjustment may cause it to fracture.

Price: 14.00

<span style='color: #800000;'>Kadee No.  241 Dual tool</span>
Kadee No.  241 Dual tool - view 1Kadee No.  241 Dual tool - view 2
Kadee No. 241 Dual tool

Ref: KD241

Useful tool for manual uncoupling of Kadee couplers . Also very good for handling Kadee springs.

Price: 2.20