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<span style='color: #800000;'>Tortoise Cable & actuator for Remote Tortoise Mount</span>Tortoise Cable & actuator for Remote Tortoise Mount

Ref: TT800-6101

Extra Tortoise cable and actuator is designed to be used with Remote Tortoise Mount (800-6100).and Tortoise Slow Motion Switch Machine

This will allow you to power two turnouts from one Tortoise motor.

Full instructions are provided with the Remote Mount

Price: 4.90

<span style='color: #800000;'>Tortoise cable & actuator for remote signal activator</span>Tortoise cable & actuator for remote signal activator

Ref: TT-CABLE-800-8101

Extra Cable & Actuator for the Tortoise remote signal activator.

This will allow you to actuate two signals or accessories from one Remote Signal Activator (800-8100)

The TORTOISE™ Slow Motion Switch Machine is a product of Circuitron, Inc. of Romeoville, IL USA The TORTOISE™ name and logo are trademarks of Circuitron, Inc. and are reproduced with permission.

Price: 4.90

Tortoise point motors and accessory information

Real points open and close slowly.They don't snap shut with a loud whack. The Tortoise point motor has a slow prototypical action which, as well as being more realistic, doesn't damage the switch blades. Especially important if you are using delicate hand made track.

The Tortoise point motor is easy to mount and with the use of Tortoise accessories can also be used to operate signals and crossing gates.
Made in the USA, Tortoise is the longest established slow action stall motor. In the last 30 months trading we haven't had a single Tortoise motor returned or reported as defective.
Tortoise point motors are not toys. Thay contain small parts and are unsuitable for children under 14 years.

Please note that electrical competence and soldering skills are required when wiring Tortoise motors.

If in doubt, contact us before ordering or consult a qualified tradesman.